Saturday, November 03, 2007

culture vulture

i find myself listening to some absolutely spectacular songs and it makes me want to write. i find myself watching some spectacular tv shows instead of doing the work i am supposed to do and it makes me want to write this instead of doing the work i am supposed to do.

last weekend i played in a magic tournament in malmö and went for lunch with some of the other players and one of them said your university years are basically five years you spend having angst for the stuff you are supposed to do but are not doing. this used to be not true for me, i used to be the planner and the doer and i used to do my school stuff in the day so i could relax and do whatever in the evenings. not anymore.

but this has all been said before and there is not really anything for me to add.

there is a new bright eyes album out and it has the most amazing cover. you will have to check it out because i cannot describe it good enough to make it justice. it is reminiscent of those old black and white dotted 3d pictures that you had to focus your eyes beyond to be able to see and which i was never able to see, not a single one. and the album also comes with a light shade thing that you move over the cover to make out pictures in the dots, it is extremely awesome. however if you live in lund as i do you might not be able to since there is pretty much a void of music stores here. not that i have any right to complain since i pretty much stopped buying records in the city, it's all sonline or downloading. oh and the album is called cassadaga. and it is quite good, albeit not i'm wide awake it's morning good. that album has some of my favorite songs all time on it and i urge you to check it out. (side note: one of my housemates in vancouver had taken a course in czech and gone to prague with school. the course book was called czech it out. THIS IS FUNNY.)

so i urge you to czech out i'm wide awake it's morning because it is fantastic.

rachel went to see architecture in helsinki just before i got to sydney last time. i hadn't heard much of their stuff but they had this single that we never caught the name of but she was convinced they were singing party racist, or rather her best guess was that they were singing party racist, in the chorus. i was inclined to agree. now i have checked (or did i czech?) it out and apparently the answer is heart it races. this is a big letdown, as i would much rather they were singing about party racists than some heart that is racing.

on a different note, my laptop is obviously singing on the last verse. i am not sure if this expression exists in english, but either way it is a win-win. there is some kind of glitch in the power adapter thing and it is hard to keep the battery charged and it could just die on me any day now. not a good time, mr. computer, not a good time at all. if only you could have waited for a few months, then i would (hopefully) have had some sort of income and be able to get a new one. but not now. my total amount of income right now is zero. i need to earn some dollarz somehow.

tomorrow i will be seeing the cat empire IN CONCERT in copenhagen. THIS IS AWESOME. the cat empire are some of australia's finest when it comes to the musical arts and you can find some of their work at their myspace page. honestly, it is tough to describe their style but it makes you happy and it makes you dance and that should be enough for most of you to give them a go.

ok this is a pretty weak post all in all, especially after not having posted for such a long time. i just feel that i am not really experiencing any new and interesting things these days, i am just stuck with my thesis writing and internet addiction and neither is going very well and so i do not see myself getting anymore interesting anytime soon. and i really do not want to reiterate all my problems with thesis writing or internet addiction because it has been said and said again already and there is not much to add.

so over and out for now. there will be more posting though. do not count me out yet.

oh and please watch weeds. it is a phenomenal show. it has awesome music, deals with stuff that are common in the real world but not on tv, is funny, is done in a very stylish and cool way, is fairly out there and sometimes disturbing and does not shy away from profanity or nudity. also the episodes are 20 minutes long which is just perfect for people with attention spans comparable to mine.


Maja said...

Jag verkar ha samma besöksfrekvens på din sida som dina uppdateringar. Ledsen att berätta det, men jag ger din dator några veckor. Iallafall om det är en sådär 4 år gammal Acer... Hoppas att jag har fel!

Balloonfighter said...

Fint tips med Cat Empire.