Saturday, October 06, 2007


ok so i'm just gonna post some pictures from recent times. there have been an adventure or two and i really should write more but sometimes there's just no energy or motivation for it. so join me on this trip to Picture Towne, Australia.

first, a penguin! straight outta st. kilda pier in melbourne. it has always been my dream to add penguins to the list of animals i've seen, and while i have seen them in zoos and aquariums before, that just doesn't count according to the rules set up by the protagonist and börre in "naive. super.".

these are some white cockatoos, also from the country of melbournia.

this is a gajillion of lightbulbs with one that's actually working somewhere in the middle. spotted at a bar named the container bar and yes, you guessed it, the furniture is all made out of shipping containers.

gymea lilies can grow pretty tall.

those koreans sure know how to make fish ice-creams. and i sure know how to eat them. i wonder if i can find these anywhere back home, those asian stores sure have a lot of good stuff that you don't know is there. i mean seriously, fish ice-creams! so good!

snakes ahoy! it is the land of snakery after all. apparently these sometimes go crazy and bite you, or so i was told by the keeper shortly after holding it.

it's a shingleback! a bluetongue lizard. and it's not looking happy! or maybe it is? i don't know.

so yeah. flight home on the 14th. see you soon, sweden.


Em. said...

sorry dude. didn't guess it.

Markus said...

14th? Excellent! Another housewarming party coming up on the 20th, if you're interested. (This will probably be the last one for a while, we've bought a flat this time instead of the second-hand leases... :)